H2O Workouts

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H2O Workouts

The Great Equalizer.

Due to the buoyancy of water, the human body is supported and the joints are protected in the water exercise class. And yet, you can still receive a wonderful workout using the water's natural resistance to movement. These movements can be slight or they can be intense and both depend upon the type of aerobic condition you are in and the type of workout you want. Some of the students in my Water Aerobic classes have said, "I never would have believed you can sweat doing water aerobics, until I took your class." That was a compliment since I was trying to show the class that they had control over how hard their workout could be just by applying speed, leverage, and intensity. From day to day our body and moods change, so too should your workout to honor the place that you are in. In the water, you can adjust your workout to suit your spirits (and pain level) for that day. Even simply walking from one side of the pool to other is better than sitting in a chair and moaning. So dip your tootsies into a warm pool of water and enjoy the results.

Caution Please consult with your primary health care provider before beginning these or any exercise program.


The Wave of the Future

"The H2O Workout series was created by Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist Francine Milford. Francine had taught classes ranging from Senior Aerobics, Bench Stepping, Qigong, Water Stepping and Aerobics to Tai Chi for Arthritis. Francine combines the exercises she has learned from the more than 60 workshops she has attended and has developed her own program of health and fitness. With a growing population of baby boomers turning 60, Francine concentrates on exercises that are safe, fun and effective for an aging population to avoid unnecessary stress on the joints and injuries to the body."...H2O Workouts.


The pool noodle is one of the most fun and versatile 'toy' to add to the pool. You can use the pool noodle for a host of warm-ups, aerobic exercises, trim and tone exercises, stretching exercises, and cool-down routines. I have taught water classes for more than 10 years and it is by my favorite class to teach.


Bending Noodle 1 In this exercise we will simply bring the two ends of the pool noodle together in front of our body. Notice that the pool noodle is out of the water. This makes the exercise easier. Should you wish to add intensity to this exercise, then bend you knees and bring the pool noodle down into the water in front of you and do this exercise. Repeat for 8-16 repetitions, rest, and repeat again.This exercise works the shoulders, arms, and forearms.


Bending Noodle 2 In this exercise we will repeat the exercise as listed above, only this time we will bring the noodle behind our body and attempt to bring the ends of the noodle together. Repeat for 8-16 repetitions, rest, and repeat the exercise again. Do not become discouraged if you cannot touch the ends of the pool noodle behind your back. This is a difficult exercise for people with tight chest muscles and bad shoulders. Don't strain through this exercise or push your body past its comfort zone. Just do what you can and before you know it, the ends will meet.

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