Services Offered

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Services Offered

Menu of Service

Offering a full range of services for the Body~Mind~Spirit.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and money orders.

For Classes and Energywork

            call Reiki Center of Venice at 941-492-7136.


2016 Price List


*Acupressure Facial Massage-30 minutes. $25

*Hot Mitten Hands-30 minutes. $25

*Hot Bootie Feet-30 minutes. $25

*Rife Machine- 90 minutes $30

*Tuning Fork Therapy®- 1 hour $39

*Usui Reiki- 1 hour $39

*Crystal/Chakra/Aura Balancing- 1 hour $39

*Hot Pack Chair Massage-30 minutes $25

*Hot Pack Face Massage-30 minutes $25

*Hot Pack Back Massage-30 minutes $25



 $1 a minute

  • RIFE machine
  • Stretching
  • Personal Training



This requires 2 visits. on the first visit I will take a photograph of your eyes. On the second visit I will give you a written report on my findings, along with recommendations for you health. Cost of both sessions: $99.


Package Deal

Package #1~The Ultimate Energy Cleanse (3 hours)    

* 90 minutes on the R.I.F.E. machine 

+ 15 minutes on the Chi Machine to move spinal fluid 

+ 60 minutes of your choice of Energy Work (Reiki, Chios, Tuning Forks, Crystals) 

+ 15 minute conversation of findings and recommendations. Cost: $99


Energy Work

*Reiki-Beautiful system of natural healing that includes a vareity of hand position that brings in energy to the client's body. Client will remain fully clothed while they lie on the massage table. Peaceful and relaxing. 60 minute session.  $39.

*Crystal and Chakra Balancing-Therapist will use a variety of crystals and gemstones and lay them on your body. Energy work will follow. If you like energy work, you will love this offering. 60 minute session. $39.*Tuning Fork Therapy®-Enjoy the healing and sounds and vibrations of Tuning Fork Therapy®. You will lay fully clothed on the massage table as your practitioner will use a variety of tuning forks on (or above) your body. Feel divinely released from your cares and woes. $39 (when done by certified student-$100 if done by Francine).*Color Therapy-Colored cloths will be placed on your body to correspond to your specific needs. You may chose to have crystals and gemstones added to your session at no additional charge. 60 minute session. $39.



E.T.P.S. Therapy for pain-This revolutionizing session is based on acupuncture protocols-but without using needles. Instead, a small electric current in used on specific acupuncture points on your body to help bring about pain relief and a variety of other problems. 60 minutes $40, 30 minutes $25. Performed by licensed massage therapists ONLY.


Activate Isolated Stretching-Let a trained, licensed personal trainer stretch every muscle in your body from head to toes. 60 minute stretching session will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated (like you just had a workout). Wear comfy gym shorts and shirt. 60 minutes $60.


Hand and Feet Heat Therapy-Relax in our special lounging chairs while a special blend of oils are placesd on your hands and/or feet and heating units are placed over them. A heated neck pillow will be placed behind your neck and you can choose to listen to soothing music or go on a guided meditation journey as headphones are placed on your ears. Nightshades will be placed over your eyes and to help you take a 20-30 minute break from your day. Your hands and/or feet will feel nourished and pampered. All naturals base oils and essential oils are used in this process. $25  for one; or $40 for both.


Personal Training-Our personal trainer with more than 20 years of experience will assess your specific needs and put you on a program that will help you to achieve your current goals. Trainer will taylor your sessions to fit your own unique needs taking in your physical limitations into account. Whether you would like to touch your toes again, or to run a marathon, you will be pleased with the results. 60 minutes $60, 30 minutes $35. Performed by licensed massage therapist and personal trainer.


Bach Flower and Aromatherapy Blends

Bach Flower Essense

-Let me design one for your current needs. Affirmations included.

Cost: $25 for remedy

Group Cost for Class: $20 for person* (*with minimum of 4 paying people).


Aromatherapy Classes

Make your own Aromatherapy massage oil or room spray.

Average class is 3 hours and includes all supplies needed in workshop. 

Call for individual class prices as these will be quite higher.

Group Cost: $25 per person* (*with minimum of 4 paying people).



The Reiki Center of Venice offers Essential Oils, Bottles, etc.



For more information on tuning forks, visit



Customer Comments

 " Hi Francine,

'Just wanted to let you know that our reflexology session helped me SO much. I came in with my friend and I was leaving to fly back to MD that day with a painful knee and leg.

Well your reflexology treatment helped me get by on the plane with only a little ice-it made such a difference (I could hardly believe it -well I was a little skeptical...)but it made all the difference in the world.

Coming down to FL on the plane, I was in misery and I was so afraid I'd have the same experience coming back home-so I was really relieved and pleased that I was pretty much pain free on the way back.

So thank you for your good work - ya done good (as they say.) I only wish you were a little closer, but I'm looking forward to my next visit w/my friend and I'll definitely come by for another treatment.

Bye for now,




Reiki Center of Venice

Venice, Fl. 34293


Please contact me at:

Creating the Business of your Dreams


I offer the Creating the Business of your Dreams course at my Venice office. For $59, you will have a private two hour workshop that will cover all of your concerns about your business or service. Included in the session will be brainstorming ideas, deciding what will work and what won't. I can also offer ideas on promotions.

To set up your private consultation, please call me at 941-492-7136.